MECANICA scientific services new future partner

EUDARTS-group in data from trucks and Buses

Hans Bot, John Steiner, October  2019


Mecanica is built on more than thirty years of cumulative, professional experience of its principals. Having worked in the industry with major fleet and manufacturing companies with operations worldwide, Mecanica provides its clients with the highest caliber of service. Mecanica also serves the legal, automotive, commercial truck and bus manufacturing, transportation, transportation research industries. Mecanica has advanced data imaging (downloading) capabilities for heavy trucks and buses. Mecanica is also proud to be one of only three authorized data imaging service providers in the United States for Volvo Trucks North America, LLC and Mack Trucks, Inc. The company also provides expert witness testimony in cases throughout the United States and worldwide.


[Oxnard, California September 5, 2019] Mecanica Scientific Services Corporation (Mecanica), a scientific and engineering services consulting firm, entered into an agreement with SAE International (SAE) to host SAE’s professional development courses for engineers and technicians at MecanicaTech, Mecanica’s training center, located in Oxnard, California. The first series of courses are scheduled to start in September 2019. Together with Mecanica EUDARTS will develop future training for obtaining and analyzing data from European trucks and buses.

3051 Sturgis Road,
Oxnard, CA 93030
Office: +1(805)728-1642
Toll-free: +1(855)280-9090
Fax: +1(805)728-1643

Carlsbad Location
3137 Tiger Run, Suite 107,
Carlsbad, CA 92010
Office: +1(619)285-2653
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EUDARTS group and AnalyzerPro announce cooperation

Hans Bot / Jozef Skrilec & Matthias Schmidt December 2019

AnalyzerPro, software for accident calculation and analysis is a tool designed for forensic experts, police forces and insurances. It unites all parts of software-based accident reconstruction into one app: Design of sketches, the kinematic calculation in various modules and 2D as well as 3D depiction come together. Furthermore, there is collision analysis in different methods and even a computer-optimized collision analysis algorithm implemented. The latest development of AnalyzerPro has focused on the implementation of different kinds of readable data, such as DDD digital tachograph files. The next logical step is the analysis of retrieved Bosch CDR data.


We kindly ask all experts to send us their .csv files in order to get as much information as possible on all different kinds of cars.


Contact data:

Mr. Matthias Schmidt



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“Digital Vehicle Forensics” seminar University of Ljubljana (UL) Slovenia.

Jože Škrilec March 6 2020


March 6, 2020: The Faculty Mechanical Engineering (FME) of the University of Ljubljana (UL) Slovenia and the EVU-SI organized an informative educational seminar in the field of “Digital Vehicle Forensics” (DVF) for the current EVU expert witnesses.


The seminar, the candidates will be informed about the field of DVF tasks and challenges, the expert knowledge and levels of qualifications required to perform DVF, based on which upon passing the examination they would be appointed as expert witnesses by the Slovenian Ministry of Justice.


During the seminar, the candidates were informed about DVF, tasks and challenges, the professional knowledge and qualification levels required to perform DVF, on the basis of which they are appointed as experts by the Slovenian Ministry of Justice when the exam is passed.


On behalf of Hans Bot, EUDARTS trainer Jože Škrilec presented the EDR / CDR technology, the CDR training courses and the developments within the EDR / DSSAD working group.

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The FIRST EUDARTS CDR Technician/Analyst course in Cyprus is a fact.

Jeroen van Essen / Dimitris Magaritis March 6 2020


The first CDR course in Cyprus is a fact. The training was organized by EUDARTS and the Cyprus Police. The trainers Jeroen van Essen and Dimitris Magariti share their knowledge and experience of the European EDR/CDR Technology with the students from Cyprus and Greece. The course gave the students the necessary Technician & Analyst information; To download the crash data, to identify any case-critical information, the reliability and accuracy of this information and also the use of Freeze-Frame data in accident investigations. Finally, everybody passed their exams. You can find the new CDR Technicians/ Analysts in Cyprus and Greece on the EXPERT PAGE


EDR : Automated/Autonomous and Connected Vehicles (GRVA).

Hans Bot , December 2020

Info - General

The unofficially called General Safety Regulation has been published as regulation (EU)2019/2144 in the Official Journal of the EU L325 on 16 December 2019.  According to article 20, the Regulation will enter into force the 20th day after the publication. That means that from the 5th of January 2020  the Regulation is directly applicable to all citizens and enterprises in the EU as European law. The regulation will require the equipment of ADAS systems, pedestrian protection, and Event Data Recorders (EDR) in new motor vehicles.  The regulation has foreseen a number of transition periods. The first phase including EDR will enter into force for new type-approvals from 6 July 2022 and for new registrations from 7 July 2024 as far as passenger cars and vans concerned. For trucks and buses, these dates are 7 January 2026 and 7 January 2029.

For the second phase, applicable to advanced emergency braking for pedestrians and cyclists and for advanced driver distraction warning systems, the dates are 7 July 2024 resp. 7 July 2026 for all categories. The technical requirements for EDR and the different ADAS systems will be published later by the European Commission in a so-called delegated act.

Article 6 of the Regulation stipulates that these technical requirements have to be ready 15 months before the first application date, which is 7 April 2021. The technical requirements for EDR are at this moment prepared by an informal working group at the UNECE World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP.29). The European Commission, as well as the authorities from many countries, including the EU Member States, the USA, China, Japan, NGO’s and Manufacturers, participate in this working group. Differences in priorities, safety philosophies, and above all cultural differences have to overcome before finding a consensus.

The aim is that the draft requirements are ready for adoption by WP29 in November 2020. That would allow adoption as a delegated act by the European Commission, before the date required by the regulation (April 2021). To achieve this schedule and avoid a delay in the introduction of EDR, the working group is discussing a two-phase introduction of EDR: in 2022 a first phase based on the current US requirements plus some easy to agree on amendments and the second phase with all parameters for ADAS systems in 2025.

Current situation

EDR / DSSAD - passenger cars (UNECE)

Progress halted due to the Corona crisis: the session in Washington (at the end of March) was canceled and therefore it took a while to find a way of working. They now have 2-weekly 2-hour online sessions, and work is underway on further proposals. 

Status DSSAD for ALKS (logging of Lane Keeping System actions). A version of the DSSAD text had already been delivered during the Tokyo session and has now also been discussed in the GRVA (Groupe Rapporteur Vehicle Automatic, the parent group for DSSAD). Most elements have been approved, and the text has therefore largely been taken over as a paragraph in the ALKS regulations. The ALKS regulations are on the agenda for discussion in the WP.29 on June 23/24. The ALKS regulations, with the DSSAD description in paragraph 8, can be found here.

EDR status. Discussions on the EDR are much more diverse, and it has taken a long time to find a reasonable online working method. The assignment from WP.29 was to deliver a First Step EDR at the November session, plus a document (roadmap) for the Next Step EDR. This means that a First Step EDR regulation must already be submitted to the GRSG (Groupe Rapporteur Securite Generale, our parent group for EDR)  this month. 

A lot of work has been done on the EDR / DSSAD within the UNECE. Not everything has been met by the GRSG deadline. The body of the EDR regulations is more or less finished, and that will also be sent to the WP.29 and discussed. But the data elements are still under discussion (weekly sessions at the moment). The intention is that the data elements for Step 1 will be completed this year so that they can be transferred to WP.29 in March 2021.

Step 2 will come after that. The timelines for the EDR regulations within the EU (in accordance with the GSR) will remain in place but will be tight to complete the regulation on time ( under the MVWG).

To get an idea of ​​the content of the latest discussions, you can look in the following folder: UNECE 

Motorcycles - EDR

General information can be found; here

Status: ACEM: You can read the ACEM strategy plan here

EDR is not mentioned (they didn't dare it) but the future techniques they planned will require an EDR.

No activity of the European Parliament and other European DG's


Jože Škrilec  / Hans Bot /Jeroen van Essen  February 2020.


On September XX and XX 2020 we will conduct various crash tests and specific training courses in Murska Sobota, Slovenia. Multiple crash tests with data readout from vehicles EDR were demonstrated using the Bosch CDR crash data retrieval tool. The two-day event, where multiple cars were crashed in several different ways, creating deployment and non-deployment events that will be read using Bosch CDR.

An advanced CDR course will be given between the crash tests. Those who successfully complete the EUDARTS Analyst course can follow this advanced.  New brands and new technologies will be discussed and tested with the latest tools.



  • Experts will also explain to you how a CDR report can best be described.

  • How we can quickly validate data in Europe (NCAP)

  • The latest and future coverage from the various manufacturers as supported by the latest version of the CDR Tool software and other in-vehicle data found in light trucks, passenger cars, SUVs, motorcycles, heavy commercial vehicles, active safety systems, autonomous driving, and infotainment systems.

  • Actual examples and cases in Europe.

  • Finding the connected data elements in a report and looking for new exceptions and latest anomalies and more.

There will be 10 trainers from 10 different European countries present in Murska. As a result, it is possible that when more than 14 students participate in a language other than the English language, we can adjust the presentation language.

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EUDARTS CDR Techniker / Analystenkurs München

Jeroen van Essen /  Christian Hittinger


EXTRA Deutschland: Montag 25.11.2019 bis Donnerstag 28.11.2019 organisiert EUDARTS zusammen mit Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Christian Hittinger einen 4-tägigen EUDARTS CDR Techniker / Analystenkurs (+ 5/8 Std. User E-learning) . Dieser Kurs wird in deutscher Sprache mit deutschen Lehrbüchern und deutschen Vorträgen am gleichen Ort gegeben. 

Hotel ist am Oberseite von das klasseraum. (book here)

Einführungspreis: 1500 Euro

Wenn eine gültige europäische Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer angegeben ist, wird keine Mehrwertsteuer berechnet

Sie registrieren sich für diesen Kurs über das Anmeldeformularr

Ing. (FH) Christian Hittinger

Ort des Kurses

Flößergasse 7
81369 München
Telefon: +49.89 723 00 222
mobil: +49.172 84 84 025



LEDICO CDR Technician / Analyst Course ISRAEL

June 2019, Ledico


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The October Israelian CDR course is a fact. The training was organized by Ledico Tel Aviv. The trainer shares his knowledge and experience of European EDR/CDR Technology. The course gave the students the necessary Technician & Analyst information; To download the crash data from the EDR system, to identify any case-critical information, the reliability, and accuracy of this information and also the use of Freeze-Frame data in accident investigations. Finally, everybody passed their exams. You can find the new CDR Technician / Analyst in Israel on the EXPERT PAGE



Erez Mosafi 

Lazrov 31, Rishon Lezioni

+972 3 9630040


Hans Bot, January 2019


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