EUDARTS CDR Techniker / Analystenkurs München

Jeroen van Essen /  Christian Hittinger


EXTRA Deutschland: Montag 25.11.2019 bis Donnerstag 28.11.2019 organisiert EUDARTS zusammen mit Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Christian Hittinger einen 4-tägigen EUDARTS CDR Techniker / Analystenkurs (+ 5/8 Std. User E-learning) . Dieser Kurs wird in deutscher Sprache mit deutschen Lehrbüchern und deutschen Vorträgen am gleichen Ort gegeben. 

Hotel ist am Oberseite von das klasseraum. (book here)

Einführungspreis: 1500 Euro

Wenn eine gültige europäische Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer angegeben ist, wird keine Mehrwertsteuer berechnet

Sie registrieren sich für diesen Kurs über das Anmeldeformularr

Ing. (FH) Christian Hittinger

Ort des Kurses

Flößergasse 7
81369 München
Telefon: +49.89 723 00 222
mobil: +49.172 84 84 025



LEDICO CDR Technician / Analyst Course ISRAEL

June 2019, Ledico


The October Israelian CDR course is a fact. The training was organized by Ledico Tel Aviv. The trainer shares his knowledge and experience of European EDR/CDR Technology. The course gave the students the necessary Technician & Analyst information; To download the crash data from the EDR system, to identify any case-critical information, the reliability, and accuracy of this information and also the use of Freeze-Frame data in accident investigations. Finally, everybody passed their exams. You can find the new CDR Technician / Analyst in Israel on the EXPERT PAGE



Erez Mosafi 

Lazrov 31, Rishon Lezioni

+972 3 9630040


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What is the Bosch CDR 900?

The Bosch CDR 900 is a high-performance Vehicle Communications Interface (VCI) device used to connect and communicate with many complex vehicle diagnostic networks through the OBD connector and communicate directly with vehicle electronic control modules (ECUs). When connected to a Windows-based personal computer running the Bosch CDR Tool software, the Bosch CDR 900 is used for retrieval of crash data stored in one or more vehicles ECUs such as airbag control modules and pedestrian protection ECUs. The Bosch CDR 900 employs the lasted technology for communications with vehicle networks supporting the latest vehicle communications protocols. Read more; Crash Data Group


USA: Bosch CDR 900 The Next Generation Crash Data Retrieval Tool