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The objective of EUDARTS Association is to create a specialized portfolio of electronics solutions that's tailored to specific European customer and police requirements, with seamless integration into the vehicle electronics. Close together with ASDARTS Germany - Andreas Huber, US training organization of Richard Ruth and our own European TRDARTS expertise we will provide outstanding Euro CDR Technician (user) and Analyst training offers which meet the dedicated needs of European police officers and private investigators. We also developping an EUDARTS Association CDR trainer program. In this program the EUDARTS Association will train two public/private trainers from 30 European countries. Their first task will be to translate the course-materials to their own language. The new trainers will start giving the Analysts Course to the public/private investigators in their own countries in their own language. The examination, registration and certification for both; the User and the Analyst course, will be carried out by the EUDARTS Association.

The European CDR training is written specifically with an European application, European validations and European legislation and contains mostly European and some US examples. The part of the course will give the students the necessary information; to describe the EDR system to European laymen (i.e. client, court, public); to explain the CDR report in the context of the case; to identify any case-critical information and to judge/assess the reliability and accuracy of this information.

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