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Latest Information EDR/DSSAD UNECE task force
Hans Bot,  January 2023

We have included the latest EDR/DSSAD UNECE task force information to give everyone an idea of the current status of this topic. Conference Call Meeting, December 1, 2022, SG-EDR-32, January 11, 2023, SG-EDR-33   and 14-16 February 2023 (Paris) EDR/DSSAD IWG #19

By clicking on the documents you can download the information directly. If you would like more information about HVEDR, you can read all the reports at

Conference Call Meetings; 28 February 2023, 7-10 am (US eastern time) and 23 March 2023, 7-10 am (US eastern time),

Previous articles about EDR developments in Europe can be found on the page

"EDR in Europe"

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Hans Bot, February 2023


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Sam Curry: Web Hackers vs. The Auto Industry: Critical Vulnerabilities in Ferrari, BMW, Rolls Royce, Porsche, and More

Sam Curry  Web Application Security Researcher January 2023

Sam Curry started a group chat  and all began to work with the goal of finding vulnerabilities affecting the automotive industry. Over the next few months, they found as many car-related vulnerabilities as they could. The following write-up details their work exploring the security of telematic systems, automotive APIs, and the infrastructure that supports them.


Tracking system
One of the biggest discoveries was that if the Spireon tracking system (which is present in many cars) is hacked, it will be able to send arbitrary commands to an estimated 15.5 million vehicles. From unlocking to even starting the engine. He could also obtain any location of the cars and in some cases, he could take over an entire fleet himself. So did police vehicles and ambulances, which poses a huge danger.
(Dutch Newspaper AD - Autoredactie/HLN 04-01-23, 05:00)

BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, and Kia have the worst security
At brands such as Mercedes, BMW, and Ferrari, Curry said he was able to view and edit large parts of the accounts of both owners and employees of the companies. For brands such as Kia, Honda, Nissan, and Hyundai, the hacking went even further. With these cars, he could hack the cars to unlock the cars, start the engine, stop the engine, locate the vehicle, turn on the headlights, and much more. Specifically for Kias, he could even remotely access the 360-degree camera and view live images of the car.
 (Dutch Newspaper AD - Autoredactie/HLN 04-01-23, 05:00)

Read more about Sam's investigations at

More Automotive Information Security information you can find on the page of the UNECE Taskforce; Cyber Security and (OTA) software updates (CS/OTA)

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CDR-Data User / Analyst  simulation mit EDR-Daten in PC-Crash 14
 2023 Jeroen van Essen Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Christian Hittinger

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SORAT Inselhotel Regensburg

Mullerstraße 7

DE 93059 Regensburg

Telefoon: +49 (0) 941/8104454




Vom 19. bis 22. Juni 2023 organisieren EuDarts und Ingenieurbüro Hittinger (Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Christian Hittinger)  zusammen einen EDR-Analystenkurs und Simulation mit EDR-Daten in PC-Crash 14 in Regensburg, Deutschland.

Wenn Sie teilnehmen möchten, können Sie das Anmeldeformular und die Kursbeschreibung über den unten stehenden Hyperlink oder den beigefügten PDF-Anhang herunterladen und ausfüllen.

Bei Fragen oder weiteren Informationen kontaktieren Sie bitte Jeroen van Essen per E-Mail oder Christian Hittinger per email

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Formation CDR – Analyste et Technicien









Jeroen van Essen / Jan Paul Peters

Aveneu de l'Expansion, 7

B-4432 Alleur - Belgium

Region: France, Luxembourg, Belgium

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Aspects techniques – Organisation de la formation de 5 jours
Date : du 20 au 24 mars 2023
Lieu de la formation : AWEX - 274 Boulevard St-Germain - 75007 PARIS - France
Nombre de formateurs : 2 (Jeroen Ven Essen & Jean-Paul Peters)
Langue : Majoritairement Français
(Jean-Paul sera là pour traduire certaines parties du cours mais une certaine connaissance de l’anglais est nécessaire car le logiciel et le résultat d’une lecture sont en anglais)
Nombre de participants : 10 personnes minimum / 15 maximum
Inclus : 5 déjeuners (1 par jour à midi) et 1 dîner un soir de la semaine + eau/café/...

Plus d'informations sur l'inscription et les tarifs ici / here

AITS CDR Technician / Analyst Course UK/Ireland
 2023 February AITS

Landing Montage 375 500.jpeg

AITS will be running 2 courses at their venue in South Cerney. A four-day course for those who wish to analyze data from crashed vehicles using the Bosch crash data retrieval tool. You will learn how to describe the CDR system for the benefit of the Court. How to interpret the downloaded data in the context of other collision data also collected at the scene. Identification of case-critical information. How to judge/assess the reliability and accuracy of the information.


South Cerney:

19 June to 22 June - Places available
26 June to 29 June - Places available


If you are interested, please contact AITS

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Unit A5, Lakeside Business Park, South Cerney, GL7 5XL. UK
Telefon: +44(0)1285 864650



SERMOTIVE CDR Courses 2023 Portugal

March 2023 Sergio Santos


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O Curso terá como formador principal Jeroen van Essen da TRDARTS que participou no desenvolvimento do sistema CDR e tem uma larga experiência no estudo de acidentes usando a leitura dos dados registados no EDR. Jeroen van Essen é investigador principal na polícia holandesa que tem a missão de investigar os acidentes rodoviários e de formar os restantes polícias para a execução da recolha de dados ao veículo acidentado.


Próximas Datas

  • Curso 1ª edição - 26 a 29 Setembro

  • Curso 2ª edição - 12 a 15 Outubro


Para solicitar mais informações e se inscrever, acesse:


Automotive Engineering Services

Sergio Santos 

Edifício  Tecnológico IDD

Rua da Carvalha, nº570, 2400-441 Leiria, Portugal

Telm. +351 911 836 225




Jeroen van Essen

Rotterdamseweg 212B

3135PX Vlaardingen, Nederland

Regio: Nederland, Belgie


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CDR Technician / Analyst Course Nederland

2023  February Jeroen van Essen



TRDARTS organiseert een 4-daagse (+ 5/8 uur technicus E-learning) Nederlandse CDR cursus Technicus / Analist in november 2023. (exacte data volgen binnenkort)

Deze cursus wordt in de Nederlandse taal gegeven met Nederlands cursusmateriaal.

1.750 Euro (exclusief BTW) Technicus + Analist.

1.500 Euro (exclusief BTW) Analist.

Je schrijft je in voor deze cursus via een e-mail naar

De cursus wordt gegeven in het "Van der Valk" hotel in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, Nederland.


LAADDA our new EUDARTS partner in MOROCCO
June 2022 

EUDARTS welcomes African Automotive Digital Data Analysis Laboratory (LAADDA) automotive experts, technicians, and safety engineers from Morocco. They are our partners in Morocco & North-Africa for all matters related to the Bosch CDR training and are ready for your questions and requests.
LAADDA has an experienced team at your disposal for all matters related to the automotive safety sector. The first course in Morrocco will be scheduled in 2023.

مزيد من المعلومات باللغة العربية

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Morocco / North Africa


Abdelmajid Chafiki

African Automotive Digital Data Analysis Laboratory(LAADDA),

Kenitra; Morrocco.

First EUDARTS CDR training in South Korea 

Jeroen van Essen October 2022


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The first course was held in South Korea in the last week of October (24-28 October 2022) The training was organized by EUDARTS and TuvEn South Korea. The trainer Jeroen van Essen shares his knowledge and experience of the European EDR/CDR Technology with students from different scientific disciplines. 

The course gave the students the necessary Technician & Analyst information; To download the crash data, to identify any case-critical information, the reliability, and accuracy of this information, and also the use of Freeze-Frame data in accident investigations.


Finally, everybody passed their exams. You can find the new CDR Technicians/ Analysts in South Korea on the EXPERT PAGE

EUDARTS는 모든 학생들이 인증서를 취득한 것을 축하합니다.

한국의 CDR 코스에 대한 자세한 정보는 다음 페이지에서 확인할 수 있습니다. 페이지


Luxembourg Police are ready for the new EDR regulation.

Jeroen van Essen  October 2022


The Luxembourg police are ready for the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2022/545 of 26 January 2022. The training was organized by EUDARTS and the Luxembourg Police. The trainer Jeroen van Essen shares his knowledge and experience of the European EDR/CDR Technology with the students from different police departments.


The course gave the students the necessary Technician & Analyst information; To download the crash data, to identify any case-critical information, the reliability, and accuracy of this information, and also the use of Freeze-Frame data in accident investigations.


Finally, everybody passed their exams. You can find the new CDR Technicians/ Analysts in Luxembourg on the EXPERT PAGE


BOSCH release CDR 23.0 and 23.0.1 System Software
October 2022 Jeroen van Essen

What’s New for CDR Version 23.0 and 23.0.1?

CDR version 23.0 software includes significant new vehicle coverage including SKODA for the China market, Europe, and many changes listed below. Please review the notes below for more details about this release.  Also some changes in protocols from different OEMs. 

Please review the "what is new" chapter in the updates.



Updates to the CDR Devices

To program or update any CDR Tool device, connect the device and then select Program CDR Devices from the Setup menu in the CDR Tool menu and select a device to program. Follow the instructions provided on the screen. There are connection help diagrams that show users how to connect to each device the user wishes to update. See the links below for these connection help diagrams.


Update CDR 900 firmware

 The CDR 900 firmware was updated to ensure you have the latest capabilities for current and future releases

 After installing CDR 23.0 you need to take the time to update the CDR 900 firmware before using your CDR tool. If you do not, you will not be able to connect to the CDR 900 device.

Update CDR 500 firmware

 The CDR 500 firmware was updated to include support for the latest BMW airbag ECU, ACSM6

 After installing this new version of CDR software, you should take the time to update your CDR 500 firmware

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Anker 1


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Jeroen van Essen

Tel: +31 638198171

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Andreas Huber 

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Kees Duivestein

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Marco Gehlen



South Africa


Forensic Hub;

Johan Du Plooy




David Cami



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Ric Ward




Mattia Sillo



Nickolay Ivanov

Joseph Marra


Greece, Cyprus


Dimitri Margaritis



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Simco AS

Simen Huse




Michal Krzeminski


France, Belgium, Luxembourg



Joseph Marra


United Kingdom




Ric Ward





Erez Mosafi




Sergio Santos



Morocco / North Africa


Abdelmajid Chafiki




Ingenieurburo Kneifel

Kai and Juergen Kneifel


USA, Canada


Ruth Consulting LLC

Richard R. Ruth



Murat Ozen




Henny de Valk


Rotterdamseweg 212B, 3135 GP Vlaardingen

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