The first EDR conference in 2020 - Canceled

Hans Bot. January 22, 2020

Unfortunately, we have to announce that the planned conference on June 25 and 26, 2020, will not take place.
We had a unique list of speakers, a unique location,

but too few participants.​

We needed a minimum of 100 participants. ​

Up to Wednesday, January 22, 2020, only 16 people have completed the participation form. ​

 That's why we will stop the preparations for the conference. 

Kanagesan Kalayan our EUDARTS partner in South Asia passed away on the 31st of December 2019 in Malaysia

Hans Bot,  January 19, 2020

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Kanagesan Kalayan. Kanagesan passed away on December 31, 2019. He was a companionable valued partner and initiator within our group and will be missed.

Please keep Kanagesan's family in your thoughts as they go through this difficult time.

His business partner Santhi Muniandy informed us that business activities will be as usual from the 1st of February 2020 onward. If you have any further clarification you may send Santhi an email:

General Safety Regulation has been published

Hans Bot / Jan Paul Peters Delft, The Netherlands, 2019, December 16

EDR mandatory in 2022 Event Data Recorders in new cars will be for new models from 6 July 2022 and for new cars from 7 July 2024. This is the consequence of the publication of the GSR. For the official text of the 23 languages see:


The unofficially called General Safety Regulation has been published as regulation (EU)2019/2144 in the Official Journal of the EU L325 on 16 December 2019.  According to article 20, the Regulation will enter into force the 20th day after the publication. That means that from the 5th of January 2020  the Regulation is directly applicable to all citizens and enterprises in the EU as European law. The regulation will require the equipment of ADAS systems, pedestrian protection and Event Data Recorders (EDR) in new motor vehicles.  


The regulation has foreseen a number of transition periods. The first phase including EDR will enter into force for new type-approvals from 6 July 2022 and for new registrations from 7 July 2024 as far as passenger cars and vans concerned. For trucks and buses, these dates are 7 January 2026 and 7 January 2029.


For the second phase, applicable to advanced emergency braking for pedestrian and cyclist and for advanced driver distraction warning systems, the dates are 7 July 2024 resp. 7 July 2026 for all categories. The technical requirements for EDR and the different ADAS systems will be published later by the European Commission in a so-called delegated act.


Article 6 of the Regulation stipulates that these technical requirements have to be ready 15 months before the first application date, which is 7 April 2021. The technical requirements for EDR are at this moment prepared by an informal working group at the UNECE World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP.29). The European Commission, as well as the authorities from many countries, including EU Member States, the USA, China, Japan, NGO’s and Manufacturers, participate in this working group. Differences in priorities, safety philosophies and above all cultural differences have to overcome before finding a consensus.


The aim is that the draft requirements are ready for adoption by WP29 in November 2020. That would allow adoption as a delegated act by the European Commission, before the date required by the regulation (April 2021). To achieve this schedule and avoid a delay in the introduction of EDR, the working group is discussing a two-phase introduction of EDR: in 2022 a first phase based on the current US requirements plus some easy to agree on amendments and the second phase with all parameters for ADAS systems in 2025.


International Road Safety Award


Just before the publication of the regulation, the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) and the European Commission received the International Road Safety Award from HRH Prince Michael of Kent for providing the evidence for the adoption of the 2019 Pedestrian and General Safety Regulations. Since 2014, the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), has worked with the European Commission to assess the feasibility, costs, and benefits of over 50 safety measures to update mandatory new vehicle safety standards in Europe.


Bringing together all stakeholders, the team identified a package of measures that offer maximum casualty benefit while being cost-effective for society. This package, which will be incorporated into the Pedestrian and General Safety Regulations and is predicted to save 25,000 lives in EU-28 over the next 16 years. Links: Road Safety AwardsArticle + Pictures

BOSCH release CDR v19.2 System Software

Jeroen van Essen December 2019

This version of CDR software includes new support for General Motors ASCM systems going as far back as the model year 2013 for Cadillacs and 2016 for Buick, Chevrolet, GMC vehicles. Also, support for the new General Motors SDM-50 (Direct to Module CDR cable ID 845) was also added for the model year 2020 vehicles. Refer to the release notes below for details of this new version of CDR software.

EUDARTS group and AnalyzerPro announce cooperation

Hans Bot / Jozef Skrilec & Matthias Schmidt December 2019

AnalyzerPro, software for accident calculation and analysis is a tool designed for forensic experts, police forces and insurances. It unites all parts of software-based accident reconstruction into one app: Design of sketches, the kinematic calculation in various modules and 2D as well as 3D depiction come together. Furthermore, there is collision analysis in different methods and even a computer-optimized collision analysis algorithm implemented. The latest development of AnalyzerPro has focused on the implementation of different kinds of readable data, such as DDD digital tachograph files. The next logical step is the analysis of retrieved Bosch CDR data.


We kindly ask all experts to send us their .csv files in order to get as much information as possible on all different kinds of cars.


Contact data:

Mr. Matthias Schmidt



event 6.jpeg

The first EDR conference in 2020 - June 25/26

Hans Bot / Jeroen van Essen, Oct 2019

The EUDARTS Group is proud to host on June 25 and June 26, 2020, its first 2-day EDR Conference on the SS Rotterdam (Cruiseship) in Rotterdam, Netherlands. This 2-day EDR Conference focuses on Event Data Recorder research, data collection, and analysis for vehicle crash investigation. 


The conference in Europe is dedicated to all future users of the technology who has an interest in learning more about Event Data Recorders and other in-vehicle data and how they can be used in vehicle safety and crash investigation.

Visit the special site for more information

event 6.jpeg

28th EVU Congress Barcelona Spain

Jeroen van Essen, Andreas Huber October 2019

A huge thanks to all of you who contributed to making our ASDARTS /EUDARTS stand on the 28th EVU Congress in Barcelona 2019 a great success; presenters, session chairs, delegates, sponsors, exhibitors, and the conference center. 

Of course, you are all welcome at the first 2-day EDR Conference on the SS Rotterdam (Cruiseship) in

Rotterdam, the Netherlands

on June 25 and June 26, 2020. 

event 6.jpeg

MECANICA scientific services new future partner

EUDARTS-group in data from trucks and Buses

Hans Bot, John Steiner, October  2019

Mecanica is built on more than thirty years of cumulative, professional experience of its principals. Having worked in the industry with major fleet and manufacturing companies with operations worldwide, Mecanica provides its clients with the highest caliber of service. Mecanica also serves the legal, automotive, commercial truck and bus manufacturing, transportation, transportation research industries. Mecanica has advanced data imaging (downloading) capabilities for heavy trucks and buses. Mecanica is also proud to be one of only three authorized data imaging service providers in the United States for Volvo Trucks North America, LLC and Mack Trucks, Inc. The company also provides expert witness testimony in cases throughout the United States and worldwide.


[Oxnard, California September 5, 2019] Mecanica Scientific Services Corporation (Mecanica), a scientific and engineering services consulting firm, entered into an agreement with SAE International (SAE) to host SAE’s professional development courses for engineers and technicians at MecanicaTech, Mecanica’s training center, located in Oxnard, California. The first series of courses are scheduled to start in September 2019. Together with Mecanica EUDARTS will develop future training for obtaining and analyzing data from European trucks and buses.

3051 Sturgis Road,
Oxnard, CA 93030
Office: +1(805)728-1642
Toll-free: +1(855)280-9090
Fax: +1(805)728-1643

Carlsbad Location
3137 Tiger Run, Suite 107,
Carlsbad, CA 92010
Office: +1(619)285-2653
Email us at:

GEC (ASIA-DARTS) new partner

EUDARTS-group in South Asia

Hans Bot, Kanagesan Kalayan, April 26, 2019

EUDARTS welcomes the automotive trainers of the GERMAN INDUSTRIAL SKILL TRAINING CENTRE in Malaysia. They will be our partner in all matters related to the Bosch CDR technology training and are available for your questions and requests in Malaysia and the South Asia Area.

GSTC has 35 years of international experience and a strong affiliation with 98 countries and 470 industries. They establish and maintain a robust safety and quality system, working closely with reputable institutes, advanced motorsport engineering, and professional skill welders, all by International Certified bodies. At you can find more information about their strong foundations in automotive training and the complete range of services.

The sales of the CDR hard-& software equipment will be handled by

Bosch Singapore, 11 Bishan Street 21, 573943 Singapore, Singapore. Tel: +65 6258 5511

German Education Consultant Sdn Bhd

Wisma City Explorer,

D13-4th Floor,

Jalan Persiaran S2-1,

Seremban 2, 70200 Seremban

Negeri Sembilan MALAYSIA

Telephone : +6 06 7655040/7655041

Facsimile : +6 06 7655042


Email :

Development of electronics in Motorcycles

will facilitate EDR-capability

Jan Paul Peters and Kees Duivestein, April 26, 2019

In Europe, Jan Paul Peters and Kees Duivestein started a tour to Head Quarters of the major Motorcycle OEM’s. As it seems EDR currently isn’t a major topic in the Motorcycle Industry, although the potential contribution to safety and reducing casualties on European roads certainly isn’t neglected.


For now upcoming implementation as the (Delegated) Regulation (EU) Nr. 134/2014 of 16 December 2013 attracts more attention, especially the IUPR (In-Use Performance Ratio) with regard to the Euro 5 environmental performance of motorcycles.


The Regulation will be effective in 2024 but there is still no picture of "how", in particular, the PEMS (Portable Emissions Measurement System), which is quite a challenge for motorcycles for practical reasons.


But the technical consequences such as the OBD for Motorcycles also implicates steps further to EDR-capability. For one of the OEM's, some actions are set to get the complete overview of models with EDR-capability.


Forensic researchers of the Dutch Police force will keep this in mind in case relevant accidents with these models will occur in the near future. With MODARTS we will continue our efforts to get the full picture of required specifications for Motorcycle EDR.  


For further information and your contribution to this topic, please contact: Kees Duivestein



Kees Duivestein.

Mobile  :+31 (0)6 53600518

Mail      :

An Analysis of Sport Bike Motorcycle Dynamics during Front Wheel Over-Braking 2019-01-0426

ACEM, the European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers

ACEM position paper - Detection of motorcycles by advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)


INT. EUDARTS CDR Technician and Analyst certification courses

Tesla information & EDR technology is added to the

EUDARTS CDR Analysts course.


No courses are planned for 2020 yet.

Agenda is expected in January 2020

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